Water Maintenance

The Water Maintenance division is responsible for preventative and corrective maintenance of the water system, in order to ensure maximum operational efficiency and reliability to our customers. 

Leak Identification and Repair Process

Every day, the CVWD crews are out in the community identifying and repairing leaks. We receive notification about leaks from customers, our own observations, and through our automated meter reading system. Do you ever wonder about a street leak and all the spray painted writing near the site of the leak? CVWD must go through a formalized process before we can safely repair a leak.

After receiving notice of a water leak, the CVWD operations team is deployed to the location to assess the level of urgency and the severity of the leak. Depending on where the leak is located (in the public right-of-way), the District is required to contact a third-party who identifies the locations of gas, cable and electrical pipes and conduit underground. The other utility lines are designated by markings in the street. Once the lines are located, work can begin. This process typically takes up to 48 hours in order to identify all critical utility lines and ensure the safety of our community. Signage is placed at the leak site with the date the leak was identified as shown in the picture shown at the top right.

So if you see a leak out there and notice one of these signs nearby or spray paint on the street, rest assured that the leak will be repaired very soon. If you notice a leak that does not yet appear to have been identified, please contact us at (855) 654-CVWD or use our online water waste reporting form.

NEW Water Leak Sign
 CVWD Water Maintenance Crew repairing street leak.