How can backflow be prevented?
  • Be aware of and eliminate cross-connections.
  • Maintain air-gaps. Do not submerge hoses or place them where they could become submerged.
  • Do not create a connection between an auxiliary water system (i.e., well, body of water, pond) and the water supply plumbing.
  • Use hose bib vacuum breakers on all fixtures (i.e., hose connections in the laundry room, outside, and on sinks).
  • Install approved, testable backflow prevention assemblies on commercial irrigation systems.

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1. What is backflow?
2. What is a cross-connection?
3. What causes backflow?
4. How can backflow be prevented?
5. What is a backflow prevention assembly?
6. Who is required to have a backflow prevention assembly?
7. Who can test backflow prevention assemblies?